You are a Just4keepers golden ticket winner.


So what have you got to do to claim your prize?


Well first, post a picture of yourself with your golden ticket and tag Just4keepersgoalkeepergloves on Facebook, so the J4K community can see that J4K genuinely gives a prize a day away!


Then match up the number on the back of your ticket, with the prize below.


  1. Free pair of J4K Pro
  2. Free pair of J4K Supa
  3. Free pair of J4K Revo
  4. Free pair of J4K sublime
  5. Free pair of J4K Trainer
  6. Free Compression Jersey
  7. Free Compression Pants
  8. Free Compression ¾ Pant
  9. Free Compression Short
  10. Free Rebounder
  11. Free J4K Ball
  12. Free J4K Reaction Ball
  13. Free J4K Bag
  14. 50% Off Your Next J4K Order
  15. Free J4K Training Session Near You

Important: The prizes above, are not transferable for any other J4K product.