Club J4K: Save 30% to 50% OFF!

If you are a grassroots football club and would like to save a small fortune on behalf of your club goalkeepers, Just4keepers want to partner with your club to help out. 

The cost of goalkeeper equipment for goalkeepers (goalkeeper parents) and clubs can work out very expensive over the course of the season. but not any more thanks to J4K.

We can also help your club save money, with the help of that launches next month.

So How Can J4K Help?

We will give your club, club keepers and parents of goalkeepers were applicable a unique code, that will give savings of between a whopping 30% to 50% on all goalkeeping gear. 

(Same savings apply for Your Club Brand)

All we ask in return is that your club and club keepers at least a couple of times per week post out on your social media and tag Just4keepers in, so we can share your clubs/keepers story and images on our media across our J4K Community.

We will also ask you to send in your club logo, so we can show on our website so we can advise that we are in partnership with you. This will also get you free publicity and hopefully get you more coverage in your area.

CONTACT J4K TODAY and in email state, you want to partner with Club J4K