How To Look After Your Goalkeeper Gloves

How long your goalkeeper gloves last depends on how you look after them. From pre washing your gloves, dampening your gloves while wearing, to washing immediately after a match and not putting your gloves away dirty in your bag, all will determine how long your gloves last.

Also how you dry your goalkeeper gloves has a dramatic effect on how long your goalkeeper gloves last. So please follow the instructions below, and check out our FREE ADVICE page and watch our videos that show you how to look after your goalkeeper gloves.

If you do not do the below, the strong chances are you goalkeeper gloves will deteriorate very very quickly, but by following the simple steps below, will help your gloves last longer, and also maintain the best grip.

Steps To Taking Care Of Your Goalkeeper Gloves:

Pre Wash: Before you even wear your gloves, you should soak your gloves for a few hours in a bowl of water, with NO chemicals, just water. This dissolves the invisible film that protects new gloves, and will make your gloves ready for action.

Dampen Your Gloves While Using: This is so SO important and were a lot of keepers (and parents) get this wrong. You MUST dampen your gloves before you start your game/training AND keep the gloves damp throughout, until you have finished. If you wear your goalkeeper gloves dry, especially on dry surfaces, your gloves might not even last a full game. So it is vital to keep your gloves damp throughout.

Wash Straight After Use: Another massive mistake keepers make is after they use their gloves, they put in their kit bag dirty and do not take them out again until next use. So in the meantime, all the dirt on the glove will eat away at the soft latex. So it is important to wash your goalkeeper gloves as soon as you can!

Store And Dry Correctly: You must NOT dry your gloves on a heater or leave in direct sunlight, otherwise the latex might go hard, and will render the palm useless. You must dry at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

These are a few tips to help you make your goalkeeper gloves last longer.

Also, most goalkeepers and parents do not realise this, but the more expensive you pay for your goalkeeper gloves, the shorten their life span. This is normally because the latex on the more expensive gloves are very very soft, so will obviously wear away quicker.

This is why we recommend any goalkeeper who plays on poor surfaces, or especially artificial services, not to wear expensive gloves. We advise to maybe come down mid level, or even training level gloves because the palms are normally more durable, so will not wear away quickly.

And we ALWAYS advise our goalkeepers, if you are playing anytime on poor surfaces, where there is a lot of soil, sand and grit, and the grass is bear, always opt to wear a cheaper more durable pair of gloves, because a poor surface will destroy an expensive pair of gloves with a soft palm.

Please remember your glove palm is a very soft latex, and will wear away the very first use, and will continue to wear away with every use. This is normal, so do not worry because your gloves will still give you the grip until there is no latex left. 

However playing on poor surfaces, and even pulling your socks up with your gloves on, can believe it or not, rapidly wear away your palm. So the key thing is to remember the palm on your glove is very soft, and to super careful how you look after your gloves, and this should prolong your gloves life.

If you bought 10 pairs of the exact same glove, each glove will wear away differently, some faster than others. This is because everytime you play or train, it will be different, so it is important to note, what effects the wear and tear of the glove, is YOUR usage NOT the glove, so it very important to follow the advice on this page, and watch our free videos on our other page as this will help you look after your gloves properly, and will also educate you when you should wear your best match gloves, and when you should not. 

So before you purcahse any goalkeeper glove, please make sure you understand how to care for your goalkeeper glove correctly.

We hope this helps you!