How to pick the correct goalkeeper gloves


One of the biggest mistake goalkeepers make or the parent of a goalkeeper (and even the most experienced of goalkeepers) is they type into a search engine ‘goalkeeper gloves’ when looking to purchase their next pair of goalkeeper gloves.


The problem with just typing this keyword into a google search engine, the strong chances are the goalkeeper or parent is not going to get the goalkeeper gloves that they actually wanted.


The people who sadly make this schoolboy error mistake, is the parents of a goalkeepers. Or a coach buying goalkeeper gloves for their club keeper.


Most parents who have a child playing in goal, do not really understand what to look for their goalkeeping child, so the naively will just type in google goalkeeper gloves example and then the strong chances are the will purchase the wrong gk glove.

So why is typing goalkeeper gloves into a search engine potentially a huge mistake to make?


This is because the goalkeeper glove companies or the websites selling the gloves, know how to market correctly online, so they will get on the first page of google for the keyword goalkeeper gloves.


So this company might have the best marketing strategy to get onto first page of google and maybe the best goalkeeping glove selling website, but this does not necessary mean they will have the correct goalkeeper glove for YOU!.


You see when you are picking a gk glove, you must make sure this gk glove is the correct shaped gk glove for your hand. This is so so important, I am going to repeat myself, ‘when you are picking a keeper glove, you must make sure this gk glove is the correct shaped gk glove for your hand.’ This is very important you get right.


(Please see below how to pick the correct shaped keeper glove for your hand shape).


What happens to most goalkeepers (or parents of a goalkeeper) is instead of getting the correct gk glove for their shaped hand, they will pirchase a goalie glove that these websites will recommend to them because like I stated above, these websites are good marketers and for the most part, they are more interested in making profits that helping you.


But… here is the but…


These websites are not marketing the best goalkeeper glove for you, no, they are marketing the best goalkeeper glove for them.. for example, they will market…


The goalkeeper gloves that will give them the most profit


The goalkeeper gloves brands they are under pressure to promote


The goalkeeper gloves that has just been launched onto the market.

The goalkeeper glove that they have too many in stock of, so need to sell fast


Etc, etc and etc


So these goalkeeper websites and companies are promoting a glove for THEIR benefit NOT for the goalkeeper (or parent of a goalkeeper) looking to buy.


Like I said above, the most important thing you have to do when buying your goalkeeper gloves is make certain the glove is the correct shape for your hand.


I would go as far to say, picking the correct keeper glove that is your hand shape, is more important than picking the best specification gk glove that is the wrong shape for your hand.


I cannot stress how important, picking the correct goalkeeper shape for your hand is… it is so so important. 


So please take note below(especially parents of goalkeepers)


Ok so how do you pick the correct goalkeeper glove?


Roll Finger Goalkeeper Gloves

The Roll Finger goalkeeper Glove is probably the most popular glove palm for professional goalkeepers around the world and this type of palm is suitable for goalkeepers with thin, slender hands or fingers.




Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves

Negative Cut goalkeeper gloves are generally suitable for goalkeepers with broad hands and or fingers.



Flat Palm Goalkeeper Gloves

Flat palms goalkeeper gloves, like Negative Cut goalkeeper gloves are generally suitable for goalkeepers with broad hands and or fingers.



Hybrid Cut Palm Goalkeeper Gloves

Hybrid Cut is a goalkeeper glove normally when the little finger and index finger of the glove is a Roll Finger and the middle two fingers are Negative Cut or Flat Palm. This is normally for keepers who have irregular shaped hands or fingers.




Now the above goalkeeping advice is just a rule of thumb, and too be honest the only way you will ever know what goalkeeper glove shape is right for your hand, is to try them on.

So you might have to try on different goalkeeper gloves as your goalkeeping career progresses and as you get more experienced, you will know when a goalkeeper glove is the correct shape because you will not even think you are wearing a goalkeeper glovebecause it will fit that snug.

Important: When you try on a pair of keeper goalkeeping gloves on, you must feel 200% confident in how they feel on you, if you have any doubt that they do not fit right, or feel uncomfortable DO NOT buy because this glove palm shape is not suitable for your hand.

So when picking a goalkeeper glove try and pick a glove that feels natural and comfortable when it’s on your hand. But more importantly dont just type in goalkeeper glove blindly into a search engine because the chances are you will end up purchasing the wrong goalkeeper glove for your shaped hand.