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Well this is an AMAZING J4K story: Adam Davies first came to training with Just4keepers when he was 8 or 9 years of age, and trained personally with the founder of J4K Ray Newland.

Ray said… ‘After training Adam for a few sessions, I knew he had the ability to have a good chance to made the grade as a professional goalkeeper. How far Adam would go though, was obviously down to his work ethic’

‘Over the five plus years training Adam, not once did I have to ask him to put in the hard work. His work ethic was always faultless, he always had a smile on his face and he was always a great team member and friend to the rest of the group’

‘At about 14years old Adams mum, (Yvonne) approached me to say a second division club at the time was keen on Adam. However I advised Yvonne, that this club was not renowned for producing goalkeepers (the fist team manager at the time, believe it not, did not believe in goalkeeper coaches, so this said it all.) So I advised Yvonne that I felt Adam was potential premiership material and to turn down this second division club, to continue working with me, and when I felt he was ready, I would recommend him to my contacts at Everton FC

“Thankfully Yvonne listened and for a year, she held back this 2nd division teams advances on Adam, Then at the age of around 15 years of age, I made the call to Everton, who put him on a 6 week trail’

‘However the Everton goalkeeper coach at the time, called me the first night Adam trialed, and he said Ray, where have you been hiding this lad he is quality!’

Anyway, long story short, Everton never bothered with the trial, instead they signed him up more or less immediately, and within 12 months Adam had represented England U16 and has gone on to have an amazing career! Please Check out his profile:

So we are super excited and super super proud that Adam is now involved in the Euros this year for Wales.

Ray also states, ‘Adam is a role model to any young goalkeeper, yes he had talent, but he proved that having the correct work ethic is just as important, and what I will always remember about Adam, he was (and still is) one of the nicest well mannered young goalkeepers I met and taught. So it proves, good guys can win’.

So Ray and the J4K Community will be watching out for Adam to see if he makes an appearance for Wales, and we wish him all the good luck in the world!


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