Terms Conditions, Returns, Refunds and Exchanges.

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Welcome Just4keepers llc, and to our J4KSports website, hereby known as J4K. If you continue to this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions.The term “J4K” or “us” or “we” or “our”refers to the owner of the website and the term “customer”, refers to the buyer/customer of our products.

Important: Before you purchase any product from the J4K Sports website here, please read our terms and conditions below, because by purchasing any product from our website, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions below.

If you follow J4K, you will know that since 1998 we have helped over 500,000 goalkeepers, and even more parents of goalkeepers achieve their dreams and or save a fortune on their goalkeeper gloves and gear.

We know that the majority of J4K customers and members are decent ethical people, but sadly there is that tiny percentage of unethical people out there who have stolen from J4K, and try to steal from J4K on an almost daily basis, so as a result we have had to put all the below terms and conditions in place.

However J4k endeavours to work with the 99% of decent ethical people, while we try to deter the minority of people who sadly try to steal.

Before you purchase any goalkeeper gloves from our website, please check out this free page resource: https://j4ksports.co.uk/pages/goalkeeper-glove-care. Goalkeeper gloves are a very soft material, so it is very important that you understand how to care for your goalkeeper gloves, and also how you use them properly, because this could have a major effect on how long your goalkeeper gloves will last. If you read the free advice on this page, it will help you take care for your goalkeeper gloves, which should prolong the life of your goalkeeper glove.

Returns: If you need to return a product, you do NOT have to email and or contact J4K, simple just follow our returns instruction on our returns page here - (https://j4ksports.co.uk/pages/returns-policy)

Whatever the reason for the return, the customer must add a covering letter briefly explaining why they returned their product, order number and FULL contact details. By doing this will help the J4K team deal with the request as fast as possible.

If the customer details are not added (as above) when a product is returned, it is not J4Ks responsibility to reach out to the customer to get this detail, J4K will have to wait until the customer contacts J4K, which will obviously add more time to getting your return resolved. So please follow our advice re returning any product.

We strongly advise to send any product back via recorded delivery (So a J4K staff member has to sign so there is proof of delivery).

Unfortunately, items do go missing in the post and if we do not receive a product J4K cannot be held responsible as the product is the customers responsibility until we receive and sign for the parcel

If you want a refund or exchange, your product(s) must be returned within thirty (30) days of any purchase, must be in the same packaging with no damage, must not have been used and the product and packaging must be clean, otherwise J4K cannot refund or replace.

J4K cannot refund or exchange any product after thirty (30) Days.

Once receiving a returned item an experienced member of our staff will check the product. This can take up to three (3) days of receiving, (weekends do not count re the 3 days) however we do endeavour to check the product within 24 hours of receiving.

If there is a fault with our product, a refund or replacement will be sent at our expense. If we find there is no fault, because it is either wear and tear, misuse or deliberate damage, in this case no refund or replacement will be sent.

J4K will email our reason why we came to this decision and if the customer wants the product returned, the cost of the postage must be paid first by the customer, before we return the product. J4Ks decision will be final when deciding if a returned product is faulty, miss use, has natural wear and tear, and or is damaged.

IMPORTANT: When we assess a product that has been returned, please be rest assured that we are always 100% fair, and if we feel that there is a fault with any of our products, we will act accordingly, either to refund or exchange. We have being running since 1998, and have helped over 500,000 goalkeepers and parents of goalkeepers, and we are very well known for our ethics and honesty.

Emailing In Product Images: J4K will not refund or replace any product on images emailed in. For a refund or replacement to be considered, the products must be returned to the J4K warehouse, as per instruction on our page https://j4ksports.co.uk/pages/returns-policy

Wanting A Returned Product, Returned:

If you have returned a product for a refund and or exchange, and J4K has deemed the product damaged, used and or it is over the 30 day return policy, and J4K refuses to refund and or exchange, you are entitled to have this product returned back to you.

If you want your product returned back to you, you first must pay J4K the postage for your product to be returned and very importantly, you must request this return within 30 days.

If J4K does not get a request within 30 days to return a product, as we cannot store used and or damaged products, depending on the quality of the product, we will either have to throw them away or put in our donation box.

Glove Palm: J4K cannot offer a refund or exchange any goalkeeper gloves based on any wear or tear on the palms.This is because the palm is a very soft latex material and will naturally wear from your first use, and then will continue to wear with every usage. Also, poor pitch conditions, wearing gloves on artificial turf, wearing gloves while dry and not dampening the glove consistently while using, can drastically wear the palm away, so for these reasons and many more, that are out of our control, we cannot guarantee our palms, and no refund or exchange will be given on the J4K glove palms. No exceptions. 

Important: Some goalkeepers may add certain products onto the glove palm in a hope to improve the grip of their goalkeeper gloves. This is actually not needed with ANY J4K goalkeeper glove, as our grips are good enough on our palms, but if a goalkeeper decides to add a product onto their glove palm to improve the grip, J4K cannot be held responsible for any damage as we have no control of what product has been used, so as a result there will be no refund or exchange given if it is found any product has been used on the goalkeeper glove palm.

Plastic Glove Palm Covering: With certain gloves in our range that have a sticky palm, there is a plastic covering to protect the glove palm while in its packaging. This plastic protection obviously must be taken off the glove palm before being used in match and or training situations.

But please note, BEFORE you peel off this plastic glove protective covering, please try the gloves on first to make sure that the gloves fit you correctly and that you are happy with the goalkeeper glove fit because J4K cannot replace and or refund any goalkeeper glove were the plastic protective covering has been removed from the glove palm.

Seams And Threads: Because the goalkeeper glove is a very soft and fragile material, with the very first use, and with further usage, this will put strain on the glove, seams and threads. As there is a lot of outside factors that are out of J4Ks control when a goalkeeper/customer wears a J4K goalkeeper glove, J4K cannot guarantee the seams and threads on our goalkeeper gloves.

For example, when a goalkeeper dives and lands on the ground, if they use their hand to break their fall (especially because the hand/glove will twist), and or the keeper use their hand(s) to help them get up off the ground, (especially when the hand/glove is twisted in this process) this is going to put a lot of unnatural stress on the seams and threads of the glove. So for this reason J4K cannot guarantee our gloves, if the seams and threads split.

Also, even though J4K recommends goalkeepers not to use ANY washing detergent to clean their gloves, some keepers/customers ignore this advice and use detergents, but some detergents will greatly weaken the seams and threads, which then makes the seams and threads prone to ripping.

So because of these factors, and many other factors that are out of J4Ks control, if seams or threads split and or rip on any of our goalkeeper gloves, J4k cannot be held responsible, and no refund or exchange will be given. 

Deliberate Damage: Even though 99% of the J4K community are amazing loyal customers, sadly there is that small percentage that abuse what J4K is trying to do to help goalkeepers and parents save money. So, if it is found that any J4K goalkeeper glove or product has been deliberately damaged, for example, by stretching the wrist bands, seams and or threads, and or cutting or unpicking the seams and threads, no replacement or refunds will be given, and the customer will be then banned from ordering further from J4K.

Please Note: The people who make the decision on whether a returned product has a genuine fault, and or is wear and tear, misused and or has been deliberately damaged have been around goalkeeping a combined 75 years, and have played and coached at every level, including professionally and internationally, so they know the products inside out. So any decision they make on a returned product, will be fair and normally is the correct decision. 

Free Goalkeeper Gloves: If a customer receives a free pair or sponsored gloves and or product, through our sponsorship program and or from a competition we have ran, we cannot replace or refund any free and or sponsored gloves, and or products.

Personalisation Goalkeeper Gloves And Products: If you order personalisation this can delay your order between 24-48 hours, because this does take a lot of time.

Please Note: We do try our best to get orders shipped out same day but please do not opt for personalised products, if you need them for the next day, as we cannot guarantee this time frame re having to personalise the gloves.

Refunds Or Exchanges on Personalisation Goalkeeper Gloves And Products: Unless there is a genuine fault with the goalkeeper gloves and or product, any personalised goalkeeper gloves or products purchased cannot be refunded or exchanged because they have been personalised for the customers individual requirements, as requested by the customer, so please make certain you order the correct size when purchasing personalised products.

Resellers: J4K cannot be held responsible for products bought through our resellers. If a customer has bought through one of our resellers websites and or J4K Coaches, and needs help, the customer has to contact the reseller in line with their terms and conditions.

Customised Goalkeeper Gloves: Prior to purchasing your customised Viper goalkeeper gloves, we kindly request that you carefully review and confirm your design choice. Please note that these gloves are meticulously crafted exclusively for you, based on your specific instructions. Therefore, once the purchase is made, we regret to inform you that refunds cannot be granted.

In addition, we kindly ask you to ensure that you select the correct size for your goalkeeper gloves. By proceeding with the purchase, you acknowledge and agree that J4K cannot facilitate exchanges or refunds for customised goalkeeper gloves.

By completing the purchase of your customised Viper goalkeeper gloves, you affirm that you fully comprehend and accept the fact that no refunds or exchanges will be provided if you choose to cancel your order at a later date or if an incorrect size is ordered.

Changing of Size: If a customer wants their product (s) replaced with another size, because they ordered the wrong size for example, the customer will have to forward further postage to J4K to cover the cost of resending their exchanged product before we resend any product.

Also the product thats needs replacing, must be returned to J4K before the replacement product is sent out from our warehouse. The product and packaging must also be 'as new' for a size exchange to be considered.

In the event J4K has sent out the wrong size in error and or there was a genuine fault with the products(s) once we have received and reviewed the product(s) and we decide to exchange the product, J4k will send a replacement product at our cost.

However, before a replacement product has been sent out, the customer must first return the product. And when J4K receives the product, J4K will resend another product at our cost.

Where J4K has sent the wrong product(s) out in error, and or there was a fault with the product, J4K will cover the cost of the customer having to return the product(s). However J4K will only cover the cost of a normal royal mail standard signed for delivery.

J4K will not cover the cost of the taxi fare, petrol, bus fair and or any expensive of the customer having to take the returned item to their local sorting and or post office.

Returns Charges: J4K is not responsible for paying the customers postage charges when a product has been returned because the customer has changed their mind and no longer wants the product(s), the product(s) is damaged and or the customer made a mistake and ordered the wrong size and wants an exchange.

If a customer returns a product and uses a courier postal service company where they are asking J4K to sign to agree to pay for 'their the customers postage,' and or the courier postal service company sends J4k an invoice on behalf of a customer, to pay for a returned product, J4k will ignore all correspondences, letters and or communications. You agree as the customer when you purchase from J4K and our website that it is your responsibility and at your expense to return any product (s) back to J4K.

Please Note: J4K will cover the cost of the customers returns postage, if J4K deems that the product(s) was faulty. J4K will only cover the cost of a standard royal mail signed for delivery postage option.

Not Received Your Order?

If you did not receive your parcel, please let J4K know immediately, and also please contact the courier company because normally what we find is another member of the household had signed for this parcel and not advised the household member who is waiting for the parcel, or the parcel is with a neighbour for example.

If you did not receive your parcel and or it was damaged you will need to goto https://j4ksports.com/pages/contact (USA) and or https://j4ksports.co.uk/pages/contact (Rest of the World) and advise J4K what has happened. Then a member of J4K team will send you three documents.

One of these documents will be P91 ”Denial Of Receipt form. YOU MUST Sign this form by hand, and then return this signed document back to J4K.

IMPORTANT: If a customer states they have not received their parcel/product(s), and then refuse, and or do not complete the P91 ”Denial Of Receipt Letter” when sent and prompted to complete by J4K, the customer confirms they will lose all and any rights for a full and or partial refund, and or exchange of the product(s) 

If you need replacement product (s) while you wait for your claim to go through for your lost product, the way to go about this is to reorder the items and we will then refund in full (including the postage) the cost of these replacements (or the original lost items) once we receive compensation from the courier, because the success of a claim relies on you the customer completing the P91 ”Denial Of Receipt Letter”.

Sadly, we have on occasions issued replacement goods or refunds out of good faith but the customer did not complete the P91 form as promised, leaving J4K out of pocket. So now we have to wait for the customer to complete the P91, and for the process to go through before we refund. No Exceptions.

IMPORTANT: Once the P91 ”Denial Of Receipt Letter” is completed by the customer, if the courier company find that the parcel was actually delivered, normally this results in legal action, even if the customer was unaware that their parcel was signed for by another member of the household and or neighbour. This can also lead to having a criminal record in some cases, so J4K recommends you are 100% certain your parcel was not received before you start this process of completing the P91 ”Denial Of Receipt Letter” because the courier WILL take legal action for theft, which is obviously a serious offence. 

We are unable to issue replacements or refunds on any orders where the parcel has gone missing, and or where a claim is in progress, until that claim is settled and compensation received.

We cannot accept liability for out of pocket expenses or other costs incurred due to Failed, or Delayed deliveries, Strike Action days ,Bank Holiday Delays.

3rd Party Address: We are not responsible for packages sent to a 3rd party address such as a place of work, hotel or a PO Box that state delivered but cannot be traced. So it is your responsibility as a customer that a 3rd part address that you may use, you fully trust, because J4k and our courier cannot compensate you, if your parcel /product/9s/0 goes missing.

Paypal And Bank Disputes: Thankfully is it very rare a J4K customer puts in a Paypal and bank dispute, but when on the odd occasion a dispute is put in, the majority of the time it is because a parcel has not been received by the customer. We know it can be very frustrating when on a very rare occasion a parcel you are expecting is either late or goes missing, and even though it is out of J4Ks control when a parcel leaves our building, we will always endeavour to help our customers locate their shipment.

So all we ask is the customer to give J4K enough time to help. Like we mentioned above it is out of our hands when an order goes missing while in transit, and after we raise the issues with our courier, we have to wait. Normally it is within 24 hours we have an answer but sometimes it can be a few days before they come back to us. However, sadly a minority of customers are not patient enough and put in a dispute, which is fine as they are entitled to do.

However please note, as soon as a dispute is put in, paypal and or the bank have to go through their investigations and this is normally several weeks for you waiting to get your order and or refund, and there is nothing J4K can do to speed up the process.

Also, while paypal is investigating a customers dispute, we cannot send out the same order again, J4K must wait until the outcome of the dispute. So this is why we ask you to remain patient because normally by working with J4K, you will get your shipment and parcel alot faster.

Also if you do put a paypal and or bank dispute in, you must complete the P91 ”Denial Of Receipt Letter as explained and advised above.

False Bank Chargebacks: Sadly there is a very small minority of customers who put false chargeback claims in to their bank, in a hope of stealing from J4K. We actually do not like calling these people customers, because we know a genuine J4K customer would never dream of trying to steal, they would simply communicate with J4K to resolve any issue. 

However sadly there is a tiny minority of people out there who put in a false chargeback with their bank in a hope to keep the product(s) for free, aka stealing.

If a customer is unhappy with any of our products, for any reason, and they want a refund and or exchange, they agree to return their product(s) to J4K, re the terms and conditions of this page, and this website, so you give J4K the opportunity to address your request.

Any customer who puts a chargeback in against J4K with their bank, for any reason, and who keeps and does not return the product(s) back to J4K, thus denying J4K the opportunity to deal with the customers query, re the terms and conditions of our website, the customer agrees that they forfeit any right to a full and or partial refund, and or an exchange because they have kept the product(s).

Also, any customer who puts in a charge back claim with their bank, because they state that they did not receive their product(s), again lose their right to a full and or partial refund, and or exchange, if they do not complete and return the P91 ”Denial Of Receipt form, again as stated in our terms and conditions.

J4K takes theft against our company, very very seriously, and so, in the event of a customer putting in a false charge back with their bank, and the customers bank siding with their customer and refunding their customer,, J4K will 100% take this customer to a small claims court to recover the cost of our product(s) and our time pursuing this customer, which will be considerably more than the product(s). 

J4K will also give all the customers details to the police, and report this customer of stealing. 

Warning: From our experience once the customers bank see's J4Ks evidence of this false charge back, sometimes the bank will close down their customers account and also report their customer for theft and fraud. 

This can then lead to a criminal conviction. So this is a friendly warning to the minority who is hoping to steal from J4K. Please do not, as we WILL take legal action and inform the police, and you are also at risk of your bank doing the same.

Please Note: While there is a chargeback in process, J4K will stop communication with the customer and communicate directly with our payment gateway to provide the evidence that they requested. This can add weeks to a request of getting a refund and or exchange, so J4K always advises the customer, if you have any issue, you are best dealing with J4K directly, as normally any query, request and or issue you have, will get sorted out much much faster dealing directly with J4K.


Washing Instructions: In order to preserve your personalisation;

Garments: We advise that personalised clothing are washed inside out and without fabric conditioner at 30 degrees.

Gloves: Please wait at least 24 hours before you pre wash and or wash your gloves, as you will need to give the personalised text a chance to solidly stick to your goalkeeper glove wrist strap.

If you do not follow our washing instructions and your personalisation text falls off, J4K may not offer to refund or exchange. We obviously do not want to do this, so please follow instructions.

The J4K goalkeeper gloves that we sell use very high-quality latex palms, sourced and manufactured to offer the best possible grip in all conditions. Latex is a very very soft, natural material and as such is subject to wear and abrasion from the very first use, then over time, so J4K cannot be held accountable for wear to the palms.

Please Note: Most latex palms will begin to show signs of wear within their first use. This is normal and can be down to many factors that may include: many variables of play e.g. (the age of goalkeeper, their technique, the playing surface, how the gloves were prepared, were the care instructions followed). All these factors are out of J4K control, so we cannot offer any guarantee or refund on any glove palm.

As with all soft latex goalkeeper gloves the better you care for them the more life you will get from them.

Wear to the foams usually happens when the gloves come into contact with the ground, but they can also wear from something as simple as pulling your socks up.If your latex starts to show signs of wear, don't worry! Glove wear is normal, that's just what latex does, Latex is a soft natural product that is made to provide the grip that all goalkeepers need and want! Please note that all goalkeeper gloves will offer grip and continue to perform until there is virtually no latex left on the palms.

Deterioration will be particularly apparent during early and end of season use when the grounds are at their hardest. Do try to avoid glove contact with the ground if at all possible! Young and inexperienced goalkeepers may also notice fast deterioration of the foam; this will become less apparent when the individual technique improves.

The majority of gloves we sell are worn by professional goalkeepers who play on the best surfaces with the best quality footballs, and still most will only use their gloves for a maximum of 6-8 games because of natural wear and tear.If any of the above is a concern do not buy the gloves.

The colouring on the majority of goalkeeper gloves will fade and wear during play, this can and does happen and this will not affect the performance of the product in any way, and J4K cannot replace or refund on the basis of our gloves naturally fading. No exceptions. Again this is because there are too many factors outside of J4Ks control that can make a glove fade, for example, the glove was put in a washing machine at the wrong temperature, wrong washing detergent was used and or the gloves was left in direct sunlight for too long.

Supply: We reserve the right to refuse to supply to an individual or company.

Privacy Policy: We do not share your contact details with any third-party company. If you enter our website via Google adwords, a cookie will be placed on your computer. The sole purpose of this is to help us to analyse our Return On Investment (ROI).

Shipping Delivery

UK: 1st Class Priority Post - £5.99. Delivery time is usually 1 to 3 working days. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery.

2nd Class Priority Post - £4.99. Delivery time is usually 2 to 5 working days. Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery.

USA: 1st Class Priority Post - $9.99. Delivery time is usually 2 to 5 working days. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery.

2nd Class Priority Post - $14.99. Delivery time is usually 3 to 10 working days. Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery.


(Not including Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays or National Bank Holidays) UK Only, please order before 12 noon to Guarantee this service. All orders placed after 12 noon on a Friday will be guaranteed delivery before 6pm on the following Tuesday - excluding National/Bank holidays.

Currently we do not offer Saturday delivery.

Europe (Overseas) - £14.99 - Delivery time is usually within 3 to 7 working days. Please allow up to 25 working days for delivery.

Rest of World (Overseas) - £19.99- Delivery time is usually within 7 to 10 working days. Please allow up to 30 working days for delivery.


If you use any J4K discount code and or you get your sponsorship discount deducted from your order, and you spend over £75, please DO NOT opt for free shipping, as J4K obviously cannot give discount AND also free shipping.

We know 99.9% of our members and customers would never dream of trying to get both discount and free shipping, but for the tiny minority J4K want to make it clear, that if you spend over £75, you can either opt for your discount, or you opt for free shopping (so do not add your discount code). So please do not opt or ask for both.

Credit For Returns and Exchange:

If you are returning your product (s) for an exchange please note the funds will be credited back to your account so you can reorder on the J4K website.

Funds will be credited to your account within 48 hours of a member of the J4K team signing to acknowledge your returned product(s) has been recieved by the J4K warehouse and team.

Please Note: Weekends not included.

It is also important that you complete the returns form in full, and if you want a refund for your returned item(s), you must state this clearly on the returns form.

If you do not clearly state you want a refund, within 48 hours of J4K signing for your returned products(s), J4K will add credit to your account so you can re order from the J4K website.

Once this credit has been added to your account, J4K cannot reverse this process and or refund you. So please make sure you complete the form in full as instructed, and explain you prefer a refund.

Please Note: Refunds and credit will only be given, if the product has been returned within 30 days, and the product and packaging is still as new,  re our terms and conditions.

Shipping Internationally

Delivery normally takes between 4 to 10 working days after despatch. However this may take longer if customs in your country decide to hold an order, for whatever their reason. As J4K has no control over customs, we cannot be held responsible for any delay, and or to pay any compensation, once your order leaves our warehouse.

A signature maybe required when your order is delivered, and if you are not home when delivery was attempted, the courier will normally leave a card with instructions on where to collect your parcel.

TRACKING YOUR PARCEL: We only use the Tracked Express delivery service, so your order will be tracked.

Once you have ordered, please give it a few hours, and then you will receive a despatched email with a tracking link on for your order, alternatively you can log in to your account and view the tracking in your order history. (But please wait a few hours after ordering)

Important: If you purchase outside of the UK, and or you have your purchase(s) sent to another country from our warehouse, this purchase(s) may be subject to your own (or the country you sent to) countries tax and duties fees. J4K has completely no control over any countries charges and or fees, and so if you purchase from our website, you understand, and you agree that you are responsible for any tax and or duty costs, and that J4K is not responsible for any potential additional costs for sending a product(s) outside of the UK.

Delivery Instructions

Please note that any delivery instructions that you provide requesting for the delivery to be left in a safe place are at your own risk. You are confirming that you are providing the delivery driver authority to leave the parcel in a safe place of your choice. J4K cannot be held responsible for any items left at your request that are lost or stolen.

The information that you provide is passed onto the courier to use at their discretion.

If in the event you are not home when delivery is attempted, the courier will ask a neighbour to take in your parcel, on your behalf.

IMPORTANT: If you do not want your parcel left with a neighbour (s), you must state this in the comments box when ordering, because otherwise by purchasing from J4K, you are agreeing you are happy for the courier to leave your parcel with a neighbour in the event you are not home when delivery was attempted, and you are also confirming that you will be not be refunded or your product exchanged if (for whatever reason) you do not collect your parcel from your neighbour.

Other important points to note re delivery:

Whilst Parcelforce makes every effort to deliver the customers goods on time. Parcelforce and or J4k cannot guarantee delivery on that day or accept liability for deliveries made outside this timescale, This also applies to products sent directly from our manufacturers. J4K cannot accept liability for out of pocket expenses or any other costs incurred due to failed or delayed deliveries.

When Parcelforce delivers the customers parcel, since covid and social distancing, the Parcelforce driver will no longer ask for a customers signature. Instead the driver will take a digital photograph of the product being delivered and this then digitally locks in the address via the drivers gps. So the photograph and the gps tracking at the customers address, will be used as proof of delivery.

If the customer cannot find an attempted delivery card from your driver but think they have tried to deliver your parcel then enter your tracking number on our track & trace page or call Parcelforce helpline on 03448 004466.

If the customer has given J4K the incorrect address, for example this might be the incorrect postcode or house number J4K will not be held responsible and J4K will not be able to refund or send a second parcel. The customer must also contact Parcelforce direct to make any changes. Please Note: Because of data protection Parcelforce will not speak to J4K about a customer or changing address etc, so the customer will need to contact Parcelforce directly. This is not J4ks rule but Parcelforce, so is out of our hands.

If the customer has supplied J4K with a business address to send their parcel to and the customer's parcel has been signed for at the address but the customer can not locate their parcel, J4K and Parcelforce cannot be held responsible for any lost parcel and the customer will have to locate their parcel themselves. Also J4k cannot refund or send out a replacement parcel to the customer in this circumstance.

If J4K use a door to door service through Parcelforce to collect your parcel for whatever reason we use this service, we will only do this once. If this is unsuccessful then a J4K member of staff will tell you that you will have to return this back to us at J4K Head Office - instructions are found here: https://j4ksports.co.uk/pages/returns-policy


With both of the above glove cuts being very popular and sought after styles we must warn you that the stitched seams and fingers do come under immense stress during the course of training and match-play and Just4keepers llc will not offer replacements or refunds for burst seams and damaged foam around the stress areas. Gloves featuring a "Negative Cut" palm will show wear on the fingertips and thumbs quicker than others, this is due to the way the gloves are stitched. This type of cut provides a much tighter and more natural feel on your fingers, but as a result comes under more stress.

Great care should be taken when putting the gloves on and taking them off, especially roll finger styles, try and remove your hand from the gloves and not the gloves from the hand, try to put as little stress as possible on the seams, fingers and thumbs when taking your hand from your gloves.



  • Use no aggressive cleaning agents or brushes
  • Do not machine wash
  • Wash by hand
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not expose to direct sunshine or other sources of strong heat (e.g. radiators) as this can reduce the life of the product
  • You must keep your glove palms damp while wearing/using
  • Do not store your glove dirty after use. Always wash immediately.


If you use the J4k goalkeeper glove hand scan service you do so at your own risk. J4K can only give our advice from the scan that you email in. J4K cannot be held responsible to refund or exchange any goalkeeping glove based on our scanning service. If you are NOT comfortable with this, please do not use this service.

Complaints: If in the rare occasion, you feel the J4K team did not answer your questions, concerns and or queries, and you feel that you want to make a official complaint, please write to: J4K SPORTS: PK Marine,1 Perimeter Rd, Liverpool L33 3AY, United Kingdom

Important: If you are unsure about purchasing goalkeeper gloves and the wear and tear, please contact us anytime and we will only be too happy to help. And or go to the ‘help’ section of our website where there is a lot of information on helping you pick the correct goalkeeper glove and also how to make sure you care for your goalkeeper gloves correctly. If you follow the instructions in picking the correct goalkeeper glove and making sure you care for your gloves correctly, you will have a much better experience with our products.

If you are returning any product, always please goto https://j4ksports.co.uk/pages/returns-policy and follow the instructions.