Helping Goalkeepers And Parents since 1998.

Just4keepers (J4K) has been running since 1998 and our GK training organisation has helped thousands of goalkeepers achieve their dreams, from becoming professional goalkeepers to gaining college scholarships throughout the US. In fact, at our peak J4K was operating in 37 countries and across 6 continents, coaching OVER 500,000 goalkeepers over the past 20 plus years.

No other goalkeeper organisation in history, even comes CLOSE to the success that Just4keepers has had for goalkeepers globally.

J4K was founded by ex pro goalkeeper Ray Newland who played professionally in England and who was mentored by goalkeeping greats, like Gordon Banks, Peter Shilton, Neville Southall and Peter Bonetti to name but a few. 

Ray took all his experiences and what he was taught from these legends and took his gk training concept around the world. And with the help of the J4K gk coaches globally, changed how young goalkeepers got coached forever. And as a result thousands of goalkeeper coaches, and gk coaching schools around the globe now emulate Just4keepers.

Several years ago, Just4keepers launched our very own glove range called J4K, which is short for Just4keepers.

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J4K has helped over 500,000 goalkeepers and parents

Ray States: ‘The only reason I launched the J4K gloves was because I had that many students, and or parents asking me where they could purchase a decent pair of gloves BUT at a decent price, as they were fed up paying over the odds for their gloves. And my answer was, I would also love to know where to get decent gloves at a decent price’

Hence the J4K glove was born. And Ray admits he only launched the J4K glove to help his students (and parents) save money and had no intention to take the J4K gloves outside the Just4keepers network.

But when the goalkeeping world realised that they could purchase two, sometimes three pairs of J4K gloves, for the price of just one pair of the so called big branded gloves, the J4K gloves become a goalkeeping glove phenomenon over the past few years. 

Because goalkeepers where getting the EXACT same high specification goalkeeper glove, BUT for a fraction of the cost!

Also what Ray states ‘The difference between J4K and other brands, is we are coaching goalkeepers at grassroots level EVERY night/day of the week all over the world, so we have to look our students and parents in the eyes and so we want to give them the BEST product we can, at the cheapest price possible, as our students, and parents are our friends!!’

Over 1000 grassroot goalkeepers sponsored

‘And also, as most other glove companies can sit faceless and un-personal behind their websites, with J4K you will find myself and my fellow J4K coaches diving around in the wind, rain and mud with our students. So we see the economic impact on our students and parents everyday with our own eyes, so we want to help. And the best way we can do this, is by helping the goalkeeping community save money.’

And so at J4K we are VERY proud that we are unrivalled around the globe for helping tens of thousands of goalkeepers, parents,clubs and coaches save money.

And that is why we are honoured to say..


more about our gloves

Junior Goalkeeper Gloves
Junior goalkeeper gloves can be hard to find because a lot of brands use cheaper specification in their junior goalkeeper gloves. Sadly most young goalkeepers buy the gloves they see their favourite professional goalkeepers wear and think they have bought the same identical glove. Unfortunately in most cases this is not true, its simply a replica of the original.

However the great news is with the J4K, if you buy a pair of the our gloves you that see the J4K professional goalkeepers wear, you will be buying exactly the same glove with Just4keepers. This is very important to note, junior and adult gloves are identical top quality!

Adult Goalkeeper Gloves
The J4K Adult goalkeeper gloves are respected and worn all over the globe with our gloves and protection apparel getting worn by amateurs, semi-professional, professional and even international goalkeepers.

Fingersave goalkeeper gloves
Finger protection gloves offer the goalkeeper protection when they save a shot. J4K is not a lover of finger save gloves but we do offer them in our range. 

Cheap Goalkeeper Gloves
Just because we have cheap goalkeeper gloves for sale on our website, please do not think we use cheap specifications on any of our gloves because this is not the case. Even though our gloves are priced fairly, please be rest assured we use quality specifications.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves
Some goalkeeper glove brands will state that their  product is the best because they ‘state’ they have access to the best materials. But this is complete nonsense because the majority of goalkeeper gloves are all made in the same factories. So there is no such thing really as the best goalkeeper glove.

You will normally find the glove companies boasting they are the best goalkeeper glove brand, are normally the ones charging the highest prices. (So they are trying to justify these high prices). This is complete nonsense, so do not fall into their advertising trap to get you to pay more money for a glove you can get cheaper with another glove brand.

Goalkeeper Shirts, Goalkeeper Kit and Goalkeeper Clothing
Please check out our Goalkeeper pants,  trouser, padded shorts and goalkeeper shirts as we offer fair prices on our apparel range also.

You should also be protected as a goalkeeper, so make sure you check out the J4k Goalkeeper Protection range. 

It has been an honour helping young goalkeepers worldwide with our  training schools as J4K is unrivalled globally, so we are now just as honoured to help goalkeepers (and their parents) save money on their goalkeeping gloves and hope to provide something very unique with the Just4keepers goalkeeper gloves and within the goalkeeping scene worldwide.

Just4keepers - Proud to be different!

Check out 100s of 5 starJ4K goalkeeper glove reviews.

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