How To Become A Professional Goalkeeper

Is my story of how I achieved my dreams of becoming a professional football (soccer) player, goalkeeper, even though I never played for any professional academy as a child.

My story goes through my ups, my many downs about myself and my father, who helped me on my journey as a child chasing my dreams, and how we both had to endure rejection and after rejection, having to deal with egoistical nasty coaches and how I nearly gave up on my dream, to signing professional forms for the most successful goalkeeper in English history, who become my manager.

I wrote this book to help inspire the next generation of young goalkeepers who are now battling to achieve their dreams of wanting to become professional goalkeepers. And I am positive my story, and more importantly, my tips to open doors at professional clubs to give you an opportunity will give you (or your goalkeeping child) the edge!

So Who Is This Book For?

Goalkeepers: Whether you are a budding goalkeeper wanting to achieve your dreams of becoming a professional goalkeeper, or you a goalkeeper, and or goalkeeper enthusiast.

Parent Of A Goalkeeper: If you are a parent of a goalkeeper, trying to help your goalkeeping child to become a professional goalkeeper, this book is1000% for you and is a MUST read to make sure you understand how to help your goalkeeping child, but more importantly it will help you protect your child's mindset and confidence from egotistical coaches and the rejection he/she will inevitably receive that could destroy your child’s chances.

Goalkeeper Coach: If you are a goalkeeper coach and you are trying to help your students achieve their dreams, this is a MUST read as it will help you, to give your students the edge.

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