We LOVE getting emails like this. This is why we do, what we do at J4k.

Just a quick update on Hayden, who has recently been given an 18month extension to his contract at Gillingham FC Academy.

Hayden has trusted the J4K brand since he took up the gloves from the age of 7, and now into his 5th season with the Gills has never entertained any other brand of gloves????.  “J4K gloves give me added confidence in training and matches, if my technique is right, I know they’ll never let me down - no matter the weather conditions”????

H loves the J4K glove choice and has his sights firmly set on J4K SHOK’s along with the new J4K  Orange Venom’s ????… well you know keepers…gotta keep these things coordinated ???????? ????

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