What I mean by this question, over my 20 plus years running Just4keepers (J4K) I have spoke and listened too, soooo many goalkeepers and or parents of goalkeepers who sadly think just because they ‘want to achieve things badly as a goalkeeper, and achieve their goalkeeper dreams’ they sadly think this will automatically help them achieve their dreams. 

But sadly this is not the case! Sadly most are dreamers, NOT doers!

To have ANY chance of success and to achieve your (or your childs) goalkeeping dreams, YOU HAVE TO BE A STUDENT OF THE GAME.

 You not only have to train hard on the field with your goalkeeper coach(s) but also you MUST educate yourself on everything you can goalkeeping, from the mental side, and the positional side of playing in goal etc etc… 

And thanks to technology, you can now learn this VITAL information on the go on your smart phones. And so below, you will see two FREE SERVICES that Just4keepers have created to help you do this..

So please check out below…

But the question you need to HONESTLY ask yourself, 'Are you a dreamer or doer?'


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