Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves

When you're looking for the best goalkeeper gloves, you'll definitely hear a lot about "glove cuts." If you're a goalie, you might be wondering: "What exactly are Negative cut goalkeeper and which kind ought you to pick?

In recent years, negative cut goalkeeper gloves have gained popularity, especially in Europe. They are similar to the flat cut in that they use a single piece of latex that is stitched to the backhand. The main difference is that the stitching and gussets are inside the glove. This gives you a much tighter and snugger fit and more "true" control over the ball.

Because of this, gloves with this type of cut will wear out a little faster than, say, roll finger gloves. We suggest looking at our SLYR LTX Blast model to have a better understanding of what a negative cut is exactly. Although negative cut goalkeeper gloves have gussets and internal stitching, they have a flat palm identical to traditional gloves.

These extra details are what give the gloves their tight fit, letting you get very close to the ball and have great control of it. In addition, negative cut goalkeeper gloves come in a range of styles and hues for you to choose from.

What are the benefits of negative cut goalie gloves?

Negative cut goal keeper gloves are modern and elegantly made. They've been getting more and more popular in recent years.

  • They are similar to Flat Palm gloves in that they are made of a single piece of latex that is attached to the back of the hand with gussets.
  • The stitching for the gussets is on the inside of the glove, so it can't be seen from the outside.
  • This style is in line with F3TM models and features inner seams across the fingers for a snug fit.
  • The fit and feel, which are comfortable and stylish, make this a favourite among our endorsees.
  • Compared to other glove styles, it offers a tighter, more "natural" fit that gives the player optimal ball control.

Tell Your Goalkeeper to Wear These [Negative Cut] Gloves

Negative cut gloves give the best performance and comfort, which is why we put it in the Rectrix 1.0 GK Gloves. The grip is similar to Roll Finger in general but has a few more benefits.

What we like most about the Negative cut is that it fits your hand and fingers perfectly, with very little extra space inside the gloves. In comparison to gloves with roll fingers or flat palms, your hands feel stronger and more in control.


In addition, the internal stitching cushions the tips of your fingers, providing both security and a strong, smooth surface from which to distribute the ball. The Negative cut is adaptive to every circumstance, whether you're underarm bowling, throwing, or trying to tip the ball over the bar.

Negative gloves only have one true drawback: because of the inner stitching, which causes the latex to stretch, they wear out a little more quickly than Flat Cut or Roll Finger gloves.

What is negative cut goalkeeper gloves in soccer?

The negative cut glove is a favourite among goalkeepers of all skill levels, both men and women. Keepers who like this cut often say they can "feel" the ball better on their fingers because the stitching is on the inside of the glove instead of the traditional outside.

This method of stitching makes gloves that fit a little closer to the hand, which is great for people with smaller hands. Since the negative cut leaves less space between the hand, glove, and ball during damp conditions, goalies are increasingly choosing to wear them. This improves a keeper's handling.

Even though negative cut goalkeeper gloves look like traditional flat palm gloves, they are made with stitching and gussets on the inside.

These extra details are what give the gloves their tight fit, letting you get very close to the ball and have great control of it.

Our negative cut goalkeeper gloves come in many different styles and colours. You can find them in our main collection, along with finger save goalkeeper gloves and roll finger goalkeeper gloves.

The Benefits of a Negative Cut

Many of us choose gloves based on how they look, but the glove cut is one of the most important things to think about when choosing a Goalkeeper Glove.

  • One type of goalkeeper glove, called a "Negative Cut" glove, mimics the design of a driving glove by placing the stitching on the inside of the hand.
  • It is the glove that more than half of the top line goalkeepers in the world use today. It first gained popularity in Germany before moving to the UK. The answer is straightforward—it is a precision glove that enables a more thorough grasp and feel of the ball.
  • The Negative Cut glove is popular among indoor goalkeepers and is also advised during inclement weather for those of us who aren't professionals. It's also great for people with smaller hands, like kids and women keepers, because it fits better.


  • Negative Cut gloves aren't the best choice if you have huge hands, but they're fantastic for gaining a firm grasp on the ball, reducing the likelihood of errors, and improving your touch in goal.
  • We are frequently asked what is the best Aqua glove, and our first response is that if you play in the rain frequently, a Negative Glove is what you should seek for, followed by the appropriate latex.
  • The Spyder-MAX is a larger broad finger glove that has a very inflated pre-curve to it. The Spyder-Pro Black/Electric is a Roll Finger glove that is a medium fitting glove. Finally, there is the Spyder-Pro Negative, which delivers a more accurate fit!

Negative cut goalkeeper gloves are now easier to find than ever before

We promise that buying gloves with a negative palm has never been as simple. Why? You can buy a variety of models from top brands at competitive prices from a number of online stores. The negative palm cut is ideal for goalkeepers who like to stomp and have great security wherever they go.

It may seem insignificant to purchase goalie gloves with a negative palm directly from an online store if you think so. You no longer need to migrate to obtain gloves with a negative cut; all you need is a connection to the Internet. What more could one ask for?


As you can see, there are many different kinds of goalkeeper glove cuts out there for you to check out. You need to know what kind of cut you want before you start shopping. This is so that you may specifically choose what will meet your goalkeeping demands.

It will also help you make sure you don't buy the wrong kind of gloves. You will find various different variations inside each of the six distinct types of cuts. Consequently, you are typically not limited to just one pair.

The beauty of the negative cut goalkeeper gloves is that they were all designed by goalkeepers who are experts in the sport. The patterns are lovely; they are strong and have great grip quality. These negative cut goalkeeper gloves are definitely among the best you will ever find.

Written by ray newland

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