Amazing picture from the J4K Jichic family while at Manchester United football club. Please see the translated message below, from the father and 3 brothers who run J4K Czech Republic ❤️❤️❤️

Greetings J4K family
Last week we completed an internship in one of the largest clubs in the world and we can probably expect that it was fantastic ????????. Many thanks to the whole club, the general staff and especially the goalkeeper coaches and friends Alan and Kevin, whom we met 4 years ago at only one of our campsites. They created incredible conditions for us and guided us through the whole training process - we appreciate it ????????.
During the internship, we caught up with the Premier League match, peeked into the U12 - U23 process on the field and in the gym, and watched the U16 finals among the Man. United and Man. City, we visited and spent such a good time with Ondra Mastný and Radek Vítek ????????. And also coach Filip had the opportunity to participate as a keeper in one training ????????.
Experiences and experiences on a book or maybe a vlog? ????. Everything does not fit here, but it is appropriate to say once again:
Thank you for this opportunity ????.

We would like every young goalkeeper to take a look at such a big club, because it is a dream that can come true ????????. It's not easy ... but it's not impossible. Give your best and persevere. Ondra and Radek are proof of that ????.
So we see each other on the field and gradually we will go to fulfill your dreams ????.
P.S. We couldn't take a picture with Ronald and De Gee, at least like this ???? (At least De Gea waved at us ????)
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