Hi guys. It's, Ray Newland here. The founder of Just4keepers. I hope you are fit and well ? In this very quick video, I'm just going to show you very simply how to wash your goalkeeper gloves, which will help them last longer. Now I know there's a lot of a products on the market that you can buy, that says they wash the goalkeeper gloves. Whether they do or do not, I don't know, because  I've not tried these products. But I will be honest with you guys. I don't think you need to buy anything. I think you need to just keep the money in your pocket. All you need to use is Luke warm clean water to wash your goalkeeper gloves . So I don't think you need to go to the expense of buying any type of washing material. And don't put them in the washing machine. Goalkeeper gloves don't need an excuse to go faulty because they are a super soft and they are a soft latex material. Putting them in the washing machine could potentially ruin your gloves. So all I used to do to wash my goalkeeper gloves is… 

I would fill the kitchen sink with Luke warm, clean water, with one goalkeeper glove on, and one goalkeeper glove off, and then submerge my goalkeeper glove until it was saturated. Then gently with two fingers while the glove is submerged is get mud off. I would then rinse my goalkeeper glove off, put more clean water in the sink, then repeat the process. I would then do the same with the other glove, again with one glove on and one glove off.

Important point, this is where goalkeepers go wrong is when drying their goalkeeper gloves. What a lot of goalkeepers do is go to great time and efforts to clean their gloves and then put the gloves in a tumble dryer or hang them out in the sun to dry, or worse still put them on top of a tumble dryer.

This will destroy your goalkeeper gloves guys.
So what you've got to do is let them dry naturally at room temperature. What I used to do and I still do to this day is once the gloves had been cleaned, I used to just get a towel on top of one of my wardrobe in the bedroom and at room temperature and I would lie the gloves back down, palms up, and I just let them dry naturally. This is the best way to wash your goalkeeper gloves and dry them.

So don't force them to dry by using a tumble dryer or putting out in the sun because you might as well throw them away guys, because this will make the goalkeeper gloves go hard and brittle then this is not going to be no good for your gloves.

So again, just use clean water, that's it. Let them dry at room temperature. 

Now for the older goalkeepers, this might sound a bit weird, but stay with me :)

This is what I used to do when I used to play professional in goal. When the game finished, I was basically wear my gloves in the shower. Yes I know Weird :) 

Then with one goalkeeper glove on one glove off, and as the water was coming down; I would gently wash my goalkeeper gloves. Once I clean one goalkeeper glove, I would simple repeat the process and then I would wrap my gloves in my towel and put my gloves in my kitbag. And then when I got home, I would lay my goalkeeper gloves palm up on my bedroom wardrobe at room temperature, like above.

I know some website will try to brainwash you that you need goalkeeper glove cleaner, but you do not. I am not saying these products do not work by the way, I have never used so cannot comment. But all I know if when I played and what I advise my Just4keepers goalkeeper students, is just use Luke warm water and clean like I have advised above, and my goalkeeper gloves and my students goalkeeper gloves always lasted a very long time.

So I hope this goalkeeping tip help you on hot to wash your goalkeeper gloves

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